Anyone can come to BCMN meetings but in order to be listed as a professional resource on this website you must have attended at least 50 meetings....hence the 50+ Club.
Some of our members perform more services than the chart below shows. We have only listed the main categories of Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, and Wallpapering.

If you are looking for someone who offers specialties like decorative painting, faux bois or expanded services like new ceiling/sheetrock installation, crown molding installation, wainscotting and deck repair/deck refinishing contact us for more information.

  Phone Website Interior Painting Exterior Painting Wallpapering
Ken O'Donnell 201-693-0033 www.kandjpaintingco.com          X          X        x
Don Ruglio 201-791-2701 www.njpainter.com          X          X        X
Eric Kudlack 201-797-4588 N/A          X          X        X
John O'Donnell 201-741-9450 www.kandjpaintingco.com          X          X        X
Tim Taylor 201-652-0217 N/A          X          X        X
Jim Corless 201-387-7889 www.jamescorlesspainting.com          X          X        X
Skip Van Lenten 201-843-1127 www.skipspainting.com          X          X
Steve Fontaine Maury 201-569-0575 www.stevefontainemaury.com          X          X        X
Tom McCabe 201-986-9892 N/A          X          X  
Jim Parodi 201-264-8119 www.parodipalace.com            X
Jerry Mitnick 201-935-3763 N/A          X          X
Frank Bollettieri 201-440-2449 N/A          X          X        X
Craig Buksar 201-796-6702 N/A          X          X        X
Dan Pagano 973-299-6333 N/A          X          X        X
Vincent Pruzinsky 201-262-3004 www.paragondecorators.com          X          X        X
Frank Sacco 201-986-7804 www.frankspainting.org          X          X        X